Vehicle transports

PSM Ltd - Division Cargo has years of experience when it comes to vehicle transports.

We transport passenger cars, off-road vehicles, old-timers, vans, motorcycles and caravans, all on their own wheels or in/on trucks specially designed for this purpose.

Our vehicle fleet is designed to fulfill every transport need. Be it transportation of normal cars or 7.5t lorries, or, on request, even trucks and buses up to 40 tonnes.

We can also offer closed transports for especially valuable vehicles, such as old-timers and racing cars.

You can trust in all our services regarding your vehicles. They are in the best hands with us.

Please use the contact form to describe exactly what kind of vehicle you need moved, as well as the point of departure and the destination and your wishes regarding date and time. Our employees will respond promptly. Thank you very much.

Single transports

You may choose an open or closed transport and we will ship your vehicle to your desired destination within Europe and back if requested.

Passenger cars, old-timers, sports and racing cars as well as prototypes can be transported sealed in special trucks.

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Collective transports

Our usual vehicle transports happen using a car transporter that can load up to 8 vehicles at once. We will load on-site and proceed to your destination.

We try to find cost-effective opportunities for you and your vehicles.

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Old-timer transports

We reliably ship your old-timers using our vehicle transporters. Upon pickup, we transport your old-timers on collective transports, single transports or sealed vehicle transport containers, as requested, to your destination and back.

Should you purchase a vehicle abroad, we will handle the delivery to your door if you so wish.

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Exceptional transports

Our closed transports can handle up to 6 vehicles at once, shipped to your desired destination in Europe.

Our transport and driver will be available, if requested, for a full tour including photo shoots, presentations or test drives.

Transports to and from overseas can be handled by our tried and tested partners as a combined venture of terrestrial transports to airports or harbours and continuation on cargo planes or ships.

We can also handle special transports such as armoured vehicles or those with diplomatic plates etc. to unusual destinations.

Inquire about the services we can offer you regarding special transports and/or destination!

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General terms and conditions of service

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but the terms and conditions are currently only available in German language.

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