Removals always mean lots of work and organisation. With our help, you can save time and trouble! We ensure a smooth removal for expenses according to your budget.

We offer an exact quotation, fast and binding appointments, flexible solutions to your orders and transparency, competence and service. This also applies to small additional cargo orders.

We offer all our services in a "construction kit" principle. You choose exactly, which of our services you would like to take advantage of.

With us, you have found an optimal Partner to help you conclude your removals smoothly.

Please send us a message via our contact form. Our employees will respond promptly. Thank you very much.

Private removals

No two households are the same. And to ensure your possessions make it through the removal process intact, you should trust only in specialists.

We work according to your personal requests and our team takes care of everything. If you want it so, that means from the very beginning to the very end. We react to our customers' problems flexibly and find the ideal solution together.

Our additional services should not be ignored either.

Upon request,

  • you can have packers and loaders/unloaders at your disposal
  • we will take care of proper disposal of old furniture and other unwanted items
  • we will spare your furniture and staircases using an external lift
  • and much more.

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Company removals

Years of experience and collaboration with various customers in the areas of trade, industry and services allow us to offer you a smooth company removal.

We stand by your side and help with all your questions, so that the transfer occurs quickly and smoothly. Even if it is only about moving a single workplace, we are at your service.

We will gladly organise and plan your removals in collaboration with you. The organisation of complex sequences of events is a welcome challenge for us.

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Removal advice

We will provide individually tailored removal advice free of charge.

All of the problems and peculiarities associated with your removal will be carefully taken into account. We will gladly advise you about all your possibilities.

Prior to the physical removal, we will send you a "removal calculator" in spreadsheet format, which you can fill to determine your removal amount in cubic metres. This serves as the base for a quote.

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Additional cargo

Even transports of single boxes or few pieces of furniture will be handled by our team at reasonable prices, given an existing booking with additional cargo room.

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Art & antique transports

Special and precious possessions are usually those, that are the most sensitive and fragile. In case of a special transport for those goods you have to rely on a specialist that knows how to correctly handle your valuables.

Pictures, sculptures, ming vases, antique furniture etc. - we have the qualified personnel to handle your special possessions and, using our specialised transportation equipment, they will travel with the utmost protection and reach their destination intact.

Upon request, transportation will be undertaken in special air-conditioned vehicles to ensure utmost protection of your goods from temperature fluctuations and weather influences.

Our trucks with gas suspension reduce the negative effects that bad road conditions may have on any given route.

Loading and unloading will occur with the greatest possible focus on safety and protection, for instance by loading your valuables at ground level.

Whenever you have a difficult transportation issue, you can ask for non-binding information. We will gladly be at your side, both with advice and actions.

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Worldwide air cargo & overseas removals

We will find the solution that is most secure and cost-efficient and handle all necessary customs formalities. Your removal goods will be packed safely for ultramarine travels and according to the given transportation directives.

Transports can be organised to the nearest harbour or all the way to your new home.

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Service offers

Delivery of packing goods

Skimping on your packing material never pays off. Stable packaging not only avoids damage to your goods, but becomes easier and faster to store in the back of the removal van/truck, saving time and money.

Should you decide to pack your goods entirely on your own, we will deliver sufficient packing material, such as book, dish and clothing boxes, bubble wrap, stretch wrap and furniture covers beforehand.

Packing tissue for gentle yet protected packaging of your valuables and fragiles.

Clothes on coat hangers can be stored crease-and-wrinkle-free in clothing boxes.

We also offer the opportunity to buy or, if available, rent removal equipment.

Packing and unpacking by specialists

Engage our professional packers for packing and unpacking your most valuable and fragile items.

Be it the fine china or heirlooms that you would never give up, we have the solutions to all your issues. Of course, we will have special packaging right on-site.

Provision of movers

Should you wish to organise your removals yourself, we will gladly put our strong men at your disposal. They will help with carrying, moving, loading and unloading your heavy and bulky items.

Application for no-waiting zones

In urban areas, no-waiting zones for loading and unloading are obligatory because traffic will be heavily affected and several regulatory offices dictate these.

We will gladly contact the applicable authorities to establish a temporary no-waiting zone in the given road for the removal truck.

Disposal of old furniture and unwanted items

Upon request, your old furniture and other unwanted items will be transported to a disposal site and we will leave your premises swept or thoroughly cleaned.

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