Boat transports

An ingenious system of logistics allows us to arrange your boat transport efficiently, thus optimising the associated costs.

We organise Europe-wide terrestrial transports. Our experienced personnel knows most any corner of Europe and will deliver your boat safely to the intended destination. Our partners have years of experience in yacht transportation, both terrestrial and marine.

Since certain transports might be rather expensive when undertaken only on land, we can also offer skipper and land combination transports.

Exclusive overseas transfers are also possible, since we are on good standing with a considerable number of shipping companies that will arrange short-term transportation.

All the permits and licences necessary for your shipment will be acquired by us. This saves us precious time, enabling us to fulfill your transportation needs in a very short term. We will also handle exceptional permits (e.g. for oversized yachts) and customs formalities on request.

We can handle boats made of wood, steel, plastics, GRP, concrete or combinations. Be it motor, paddle, rowing, sailing boats, yachts, fishing boats, house boats, lifeboats, sports or racing boats, gliders, monohulls, catamarans or trimarans.

Costs of yacht transports cannot be generalised across the board. The pricing depends on a variety of factors, such as permits, tolls, ferries and escorts, all of which are varying expenses. Furthermore, the dimensions of the boat or yacht have a large impact.

The maximum measurements depend on the route and modality of the transport. We will happily advise you regarding possibilities of terrestrial transports on individual routes. You may also want to inquire about the transportability of exceptional and/or own constructions. We will promptly make you an offer listing the individual expenses.

Please specify the following transportation details in our contact form:

  • Type (motorised/sailing boat/yacht)
  • Measurements and weight/displacement
  • Draft (only required with sailing yachts)
  • Specifications regarding the route of transport
  • Expected date of transportation
  • Insurance value (if greater than €100 000)
  • Name and address of the recipient
  • Contact for possible inquiries.